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Hanna Hon Hally

Hanna was a girl of Air and fire.
She is wild, spirited and with manners to be desire.
Hanna was the daughter of the fire witch that all admire,
A present of power and wisdom that all inspire.

But one day, the witch had to go, and she left  Hanna in charge,
To rule the people and make decisions from small to large.

This is the story of that day and the disaster that occurred.
When  Hanna heads no advice, she listens to no one warning words.

Come and read of that day in The Fire Witch book,
Maybe you learn important lessons and see a volcano mountain shook.

There goes Hanna; let's have a look!

Step into the enchanting realms of the magical kingdoms of Endolink, where wonder and adventure await at every turn! Amidst these mystical lands, powerful women with extraordinary abilities lead the way, offering strength and guidance to their people. However, even the mightiest of witches need a helping hand.

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