A Funtastical Company is a world-wide digital publishing house, specializing in stories and animations for children and adults alike. Our mission is to bring joy and excitement to our readers, inspiring their imaginations and encouraging them to explore their own creativity and storytelling skills. Our stories emphasize positive values such as friendship, respect, empathy, and environmental consciousness, all while featuring dynamic, fun-loving characters.

At Funtastical Company, we value collaboration with creators and storytellers from around the world. We strive to create international opportunities, providing our partners with platforms that share their unique stories and voices. We believe that these collaborations will bring invaluable life lessons to our readers and create a fun, engaging experience.

Our goals are to produce high quality content that reflects the diversity of our partners, while maintaining the highest editorial standards. We are dedicated to increasing our readers’ access to stories from around the world, while simultaneously providing much-needed exposure to our creative partners. We strive to become the premier platform for authors to showcase their stories, animations, and artwork in a safe, creative environment. Our hope is that our content will continue to entertain and empower our readers, while also serving as a source of inspiration, joy, and hope.