Professor DeanDean is a British author and children’s storyteller who has been captivating audiences with his clever, fun, and musically inspired stories.

With titles such as “When Smiley lost his smile”, “YaYa red riding hood”, and “The Green Witch”, Professor DeanDean has quickly become a literary sensation, resonating not only with kids but adults too.

As a special skill, Professor DeanDean is able to simplify complex ideas and concepts for a younger audience through clever rhymes and efficient story-telling devices. At the heart of Professor DeanDean’s work is to entertain, lift spirits, and inspire children of all ages to explore their imaginations.

He seeks to break down difficult concepts by showing the world through his own colourful lens. As he continues to bring stories to life through words and music, Professor DeanDean’s enthusiasm to bring a little more joy to the world will only become more and more evident.