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Ella Elizabeth Eleanor

Ella was brave, kind, and nice.
She was the helper of The Forest Witch of Paradise.

Ella only had one fault in her deadly fear of heights.
and that is a problem when you live at the top of a tree, all right!
Ella would walk up the stair, holding the rails tights.
Fear to look out the window at night and in lights.

In the book,  The Forest Witch, we learn how she conquers her fear
Clear up her tears,
hold up the brave spear.

For the mighty Ella, we cheer!

Step into the enchanting realms of the magical kingdoms of Endolink, where wonder and adventure await at every turn! Amidst these mystical lands, powerful women with extraordinary abilities lead the way, offering strength and guidance to their people. However, even the mightiest of witches need a helping hand.

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