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Diana Dakota Delphin

Diana was unlucky. That one was clear.
Diana tried would veer and smear.
She tried to dance and fell on her rear.
As a chef, her food was black and sear.
her time as a painter ended in tears
Diana tried drear.
It wasn't a good year.
Ho, dear!

But then Diana meets a woman with a magic luck coin.
That taught her a lesson on how to lady luck rejoin.

Its a tale of wonder, one that all should hear
But don't fear,
You can read the tall in the book of The Mind Witch, and all will be clear.

To Diana the brave, we give a loud cheer!

Step into the enchanting realms of the magical kingdoms of Endolink, where wonder and adventure await at every turn! Amidst these mystical lands, powerful women with extraordinary abilities lead the way, offering strength and guidance to their people. However, even the mightiest of witches need a helping hand.

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