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Ginnha of the village

When Ginnha was young, she learned she made people run in fear.
That experience still keeps her wallowing in tears.
She wanted the people's cheers,
But only got their sneers.

Nowadays,  Ginnha hides in The Witch Village Attic.
Where can she hide from the fanatic,
That might suddenly become erratic,
And chase her with torch and spears in dramatic,
And that be very traumatic.
One day the Village came down under a goblin attack.
It only came to 
Ginnha to have a chance to hold them back.

Read about Ginnha's heroic day,
in The Village Witch book where it lay.

For Ginnha, we say, hip, hip hooray!

Step into the enchanting realms of the magical kingdoms of Endolink, where wonder and adventure await at every turn! Amidst these mystical lands, powerful women with extraordinary abilities lead the way, offering strength and guidance to their people. However, even the mightiest of witches need a helping hand.

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