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Beth Ball Bizzen

Beth was a mermaid of the blue reef,
That was afraid of anything from Thief to Leaf.

She works at the home of the mighty Sea Witch
She cleaned, she cock, she hosted and stitch

Once there, something happens. The witch was gone,
Beth search all around, from the attic to the lawn.
No one knows what is going on.
And the monster in her lair was ready to spawn and swan!

That is the day that Beth had to face her fear.
How she did so, let’s read it in the book of The Sea Witch, and it will be clean.

For Beth, we cheer, Hear Hear!

Step into the enchanting realms of the magical kingdoms of Endolink, where wonder and adventure await at every turn! Amidst these mystical lands, powerful women with extraordinary abilities lead the way, offering strength and guidance to their people. However, even the mightiest of witches need a helping hand.

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