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Fluffy's Sleep Time

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Fluffy is no ordinary cat! Every night, he's off to another mischievous resting spot. From bathroom sinks to high shelves and even inside freezers, Fluffy's choice of nap zones will leave you surprised and giggling. Dive into this whimsical tale and discover all the unexpected places Fluffy decides to catch some z's.

But be warned! Fluffy’s quirky choices often lead to hilarious outcomes. As you turn each page, you'll find yourself asking: "Where will Fluffy sleep next?" Perfect for bedtime giggles or midday smiles, this delightful story will charm children and adults alike.

For little readers aged 2-10, Professor DeanDean invites you on a playful adventure to find out where - oh where - Fluffy will choose to snooze tonight.

Professor DeanDean, a British author, follows in the footsteps of the renowned Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl, infusing his writing with delightful rhymes that ignite the joy of reading and exploration. This book's compact size makes it a perfect fit for young readers, allowing them to hold a world of imagination in their hands.

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Paperback: Paperback